Navin Pareek

Operations & Tech Consultant, Efficiency Specialist

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MBA (London Business School)

Mentor & Guest Lecturer @ IIM Udaipur

Fractional, hands-on COO / CTO

Are you overwhelmed with running your business and are seeing things fall through the cracks? Looking to simplify/automate your business processes? Want to get your MVP to market faster? Need someone you can bounce your ideas off without being judged? Thinking of creating a financial model for your investor?

I can help.

With three start-ups, two fund-raises ($6mn & $150k) and 20+ years of experience, I understand the operational and strategic challenges that companies face.

Additionally, my website, Build a Stack (3,500 tools, #3 on ProductHunt), helps businesses choose the right software

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*Designed mainly for business/biz units between $0.5mn - $30mn in revenue

Recent Projects

Migrate to a new marketing stack (noCode)

After acquiring a company, the client wanted to rationalise spend by merging their marketing stack. A “no custom code” solution helped simplify the move, enhanced their tech stack, and retained their historic data with far less disruption and cost

MVP for Physiotherapy app (noCode)

A client wanted to assess interest in his library of exercise videos. Instead of spending months and '000s of dollars, we built a responsive app using GlideApps within a week with 95% saving. Given its success, the client is now building a full-fledged native app.

Excel-based company-wide KPI dashboard

Client was concerned that she was reacting to problems rather than being on top of things. We realised that we needed a mechanism where problems were highlighted much earlier. A Google Sheet based dashboard is now used by every team to track project progress

Measure efficiency in a factory (noCode)

Client wanted to measure the efficiency of their factory assets: machines, teams and key individuals. An easily maintainable noCode solution helped them implement in a week improving efficiency by 30%

Setup Amazon, FB and Google Ads

A major manufacturer wanted to focus on online sales given the COVID disruption to offline. We set up ad networks with AI-based ad generation/product descriptions, ad automation, keyword management, naming convention et al. The result was a constantly improving ACoS with an additional 10% in sales

Re-design customer engagement platform (noCode)

Client was a marketing agency that used an expensive, buggy, custom-built software to run deep engagement campaigns. Analysis revealed that a repurposed WordPress based learning management system could replace this custom solution with a 90% cost reduction

Help in negotiating with VC

Given the importance of this negotiation, the client and I practised our pitch on yearly targets and the amount/timing of stock vesting. It resulted in a more confident client who got exactly what she wanted

Excel financial model

I firmly believe that a good financial model should reflect and inform company strategy. Helped a client define their business model in excel.

Help with angel investment decisions

Helped a High Net Worth individual assess investment decisions based on my knowledge of the SaaS space

Delegate proposal making with complex pricing

Automated a complex pricing structure so that the founder could delegate proposal writing to his team members

Why me?

Expertise in noCode operations automation

Founder of Build a (#3 Product of the Day on ProductHunt;750+ upvotes).

With knowledge of ‘000s of SaaS products & WordPress plugins, I focus on automation without custom code

Knowledge of Visual Coding (nocode) tools

Tools like BackendLess, AppGyver,, Bildr, GlideApps, etc have revolutionised the creation of MVP. This tweet best explains my thoughts and approach.

In short, speak to me before you speak to developers!

Premium listing on Build a Stack

If relevant, a review of your product can be featured on, a #3 product of the day on ProductHunt. This helps with relevant lead generation and SEO

Short projects, quick results

Most of my projects last for less than 5 days. My knowledge of software tools significantly shortens the requirement capture phase.

20+ years of diverse experience

My experience in start-ups equips me to work well in resource-constrained, chaotic worlds. Moreover, this gives me a diversity of experience in operations, technology, strategy, logistics, finance, accounting, marketing, sales et al which I leverage to help my clients.

Hands-on consultant

Being a Founder/CEO can be a lonely role. You need someone you can discuss and delegate responsibility to. I am a trustworthy, experienced, on-demand, additional pair of hands to help you run your business or business unit. There is no commitment and you can cancel at any time.

Two successful fund raises

Successful fundraise for 2 start-ups: a $6mn raise at $22mn post money. And a $100k raise at $1mn post money

Vast international network

An MBA from London Business School (ranked among the top 10 in the world) gives access to an international community that I leverage for my clients


Rashi Mittal, Founder and CEO - WOOP

While Navin's core strengths are technology, operations and finance, Navin is my go-to-person for frankly ALL problems. His way of thinking through the bigger picture behind the problem, and the ability to creatively find multiple solutions that might work is just sheer brilliance at work. He has helped us identify and build two new revenue-streams which are now becoming a core business-driver for us. The best part of the solutions he provides is that they are simple and affordable. Around him, I constantly find myself thinking 'Why didn't I think of that?'. But it's not just ideas and concepts... he doesn't shy away from getting his hands dirty if need be, to manage the execution of the recommendations he makes. It's been a while since I worked with someone that I recommend as highly as him.

Saumil Gandhi, MD and CEO - VISSCO

Navin has a unique ability to automate repetitive tasks using b2b technology and provides efficient solutions to complex business needs. He's a problem solver, extremely focused and amicable to work with.

Zahid Sheikh, Founder - Tomorrow @ Work

Navin is one of the best technical minds that I know of. While the work that both of us do in the real world are quite diverse, there have been many times when I have looked up to Navin for technical guidance. He understands problems from different industries and is quick in offering solutions that help build a good tech base. Having worked with his guidance on Internation Business Networking and Edutech, he has been able to build efficient and cost-effective solutions for our projects. What helped me most was that Navin has a complete understanding of the business strategy and does not come in as just a pure technologist. It is his personal work as an entrepreneur which gives him that perspective.

A logical and sharp mind, it is always a pleasure to work with him. Look forward to doing more!

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